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We provide training for tools like Microsoft 365, Google G- Suit, Oracle, SQL CRM, ERP and Process Mapping etc, We can help Companies who are planning to implement the ERP/ CRM, DMS or wants to know the real utilization of ERP and RPA in different verticals.We can also help them in mapping their Processes, do AsIs Process Mapping in their organization and then guide them with industry best practice ToBe for the success of the business.

Microsoft 365
O365 evaluation.
Installation of O365.
Implementation of O365 on cloud.
Configuration of emails & Documents in O365.
O365 data risks & Threats.

Google G-Suit
G-Suit evaluation.
Installation of G-Suit
Implementation of G-Suit on cloud.
Configuration of emails & Documents in G-Suit.
G-Suit data risks & Threats.

Oracle Training
Oracle version evaluation.
Resource requirement and analysis.
Oracle Technical training for Oracle 10g, 11g and Oracle forms & reports.

Vast and real life experience in different business processes of our trainers helps you to understand various facts of ERP, Oracle and RPA with the queries in your mind.