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IT Consultation

DD IT Consultants works in partnership with its clients, advising them how to use information technology in order to meet their business objectives or overcome problems. Our Team of Experts improves the IT structure and efficiency of IT systems to achieve the 100% reliability and uptime in the organisations. DD IT consultants provide guidance to customers on everything from overall IT strategy including what to house in the data centre versus in the cloud; to the type of technology and functionality needed within the context of the customers IT and business environments and goals such as process automation or mobile security. Our Consultants are domain expert in a particular area/sector who knows what features/functionalities to be added to a product or service to increase the reliability of IT Infrastructure.

From an IT perspective, cutting through the subtleties and providing a clear definition of the offering establishes vital competitive distinctions and helps set important customer expectations.With more than two decades of experience, the DD IT consulting team is dedicated to delivering excellence to our customers by staying ahead of market trends and understanding new technologies that could impact their business. DD IT delivers superior IT outsourcing, IT support and technology solutions implemented by the best consultants in world.

We provide IT consultancy in following areas :

 IT Infrastructure Management.

 Data Centre & DR Solutions.

 Enterprises Resource Planning Software ( ERP/ SAP).

 Document Management Systems.

 Software Development.

 Website Designing & Development.

 BPR (Business Process Reengineering).

 Turn Key Project Consulting.

 Work flow Designing/ Process Mapping.

 IT Audit.

 Software License sourcing.

 IT Hardware Procurement and Sourcing.

 Managing & Monitoring VPN Connectivity.

Project Management

Emailing (POP3, Exchange, Google Apps, Office 365)

DD IT has wide experience in mailing services can integrate any email client with your company domain. DD IT has customers using all type of emailing services may it be :
Microsoft Exchange.
Microsoft Office 365.
Lotus Notes.
Google Apps.
Or any other Yahoo, rediffmail etc.
DDIT can provide any solutions as per company needs.

ERP Implementation

DD IT is confident of building an accurate System environment for companies through the following skills :
We will involve Domain Experts who have worked in ERP/ SAP Projects & will        manage the entire project.
We have planned elaborate training and knowledge transfer steps to        ensure proper implementation of the Software.
We have requisite business consulting & IT manpower. Our comprehensive    consulting & Implementation methodology has been used in many       customers all over the world.

We are uniquely placed, as highlighted below, to offer the best solution at the best price:

 Extensive experience in successful implementation of ERP/ SAP Solution for Utilities, manufacturing industries, Life sciences, Pharmaceutical,          Automotive etc. across the world.

 Gold SAP Technology, Services, Hosting and AMS (Application Managed Services) Partner, one of the few companies in the world to have this status.

 Pre-packaged, rapidly deployed solutions for specific verticals.

 Sound financial success profitable, independent.

 Consistent growth in revenue and consultant base.

 Multi-cultural global organization that fosters entrepreneurial leadership and relationships.

 Agility, flexibility, value as a mid-sized organization.

 Proven processes and industry certifications.

 Adherence to highest level of standards and Industry Best Practices.

 Global delivery models for cost efficiency.

Process Mapping

Process Mapping is a tool to achieve growth by
Build confidence on process & people
Reduce management time on control to enable them to focus on growth
Developing in-house leaders through job rotation
Quick understanding of processes for new joinees.

To Cost control

by making processes effective & efficient
Improving efficiency of people
Making people understand the impact of their work on ultimate results
To understand effectiveness in utilization of ERP Addressing frauds &        manipulations.
Redefining processes as per best practices & Helps in revising policies.

Project Management Software

DD IT has expertise in PMS to help Organizations to :
Stay organized with an advance to-do list and track you are Projects.
Effectively work together with your team to deliver top-notch results.
Track every minute of your work and increase the efficiency of the users.
DD IT helps your team stay organized when you outgrow email. But its so        much more than that with plenty of neat add-ons, its a one stop solution for        all your business needs.

Document Management Solutions.

Now a days paper work can mean trouble from organizing the clutter, to finding the right files at the right time, to sharing confidential documents, to storing them safely, and cost of paper and printers to their maintenance.
DD ITs End to End Document Management Solutions solves all your documentation & paperwork woes by letting you Digitize, Organize, Store, Access & Share all your Documents & Files in uniquely intelligent digital formats in just a few clicks.


IT Infrastructure Management & Monitoring

DD IT will work with your IT Team and train them how to Manage your IT infrastructure as per the industry best practice and in a cost effective manner, We will eliminate manual processes, spurs IT collaboration, and increases the speed and flexibility of IT service delivery. We will also get engaged with your service providers to provide you a value added services 99.99% uptime. Make SLA and other IT Contracts.

IT Securities and Monitoring

DD IT guide & present details about how to monitor and manage your IT security. Some of which are potential indicators of compromise (IOC) that can lead to IT Security incidents if not addressed quickly and effectively. DD IT experts will guide & provides you with practical advice on how to manage logs effectively, deal with suspicious events, use IT security intelligence and address challenges, designed to enable you to prioritise and manage myriad event logs; build an effective IT security monitoring process and learn about where and how you can get help.

Connectivity (MPLS, VPN, P2P)

DD IT will help you in providing best possible connectivity between you offices globally with cost effective solution.DD IT has worked with all major ISP across the globe.We have expertise with all connectivity media may it be Copper, Fibre and RF connectivity we can connect you in hours with a dedicated or shared services.

Data Centre & DR Site Solutions

DD IT is your IT partner that delivers cutting edge expertise and unparalleled commitment to meet your requirements whatever IT takes. DD IT has worked with almost all DC & DR Service Providers may it be AWS, Net4, IBM, Control S or Progression. We can provide DC & DR Solutions in cross Platform and within Budget. We get things done. Whatever the challenges, our team will deliver what has been committed. We have been in the business of technology services for nearly two decades. We understand different components of the infrastructure stack and how they interoperate; be it networks, server, storage and desktops.

Internet & Intranet Solutions

DD IT has 20 years of expertise in designing the Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN) and Multi Area Network (MAN) with best organized architect.DD IT has also worked with all ISPs for Internet Connectivity may it be Broadband, P2P or Lease line. We can get any requirement done in lesser TAT and cost.

Server and Network Administration

DD IT has managed all complex IT Infrastructure from High end Servers to UTMs, Firewalls, CISCO Routers, CISCO Managed Switches etc. We have expertise in all Servers may it be IBM, HP, DELL etc and has integrated best solutions to its customers with 24X7 Monitoring and 99.5% Uptime.

Domain Name Registration.

DD IT has its own state of Art server facility in India & US Locations to Choose from a wide range of domain extensions like .com, .in, and many mores.Domain names provide a clean, user-friendly and convenient option to access your website. A simple descriptive website is easy to remember and looks great on a business card. We provide the best hosting at the most affordable prices in the market.

Website Designing, Development & Hosting

Web design encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites. The different areas of web design include web graphic design; interface design; authoring, including standardised code and proprietary software; user experience design; and search engine optimization.DD IT have domain expert website development team to cater its clients worldwide.

Video Conferencing

It is very easy to connect and display content, from whatever laptop, desktop or Mobile. VC will reduce your meeting travel time and you can put more time on Productive work and no longer waste time on technical hick-ups.DD IT has many such installations done in past where customers have been benefited with Time, Money and Value addition to their business.

IT Strategy & Planning

An information technology (IT) strategic plan is a document that details the comprehensive technology-enabled business management processes an organization uses to guide operations. DD IT will serves as a guide to IT-related decision making, with IT tasks prioritized and implemented using the plan as a framework.

We plan to help and guide an organization as it formulates its overall IT strategy. While an IT strategy focuses on how IT will help the business succeed, an IT strategic plan is a roadmap to help the business implement those strategies.We will plan outlines areas where IT can contribute business value and where an organization can gain competitive advantage by making the best use of its IT Infrastructure and technology resources.

The objectives of DD IT is outlined in an organization's IT strategic plan align with the organization's goals and mission, but are pliable enough to accommodate new business priorities and technologies that have the potential for driving business growth. It is important for an organization's IT team to know its priorities and identify the IT projects that the business should invest in. According to Gartner, an IT research and consultancy company, the plan delineates what has to be done, in what priority and how the plan's success will be measured.

Components of an IT strategic plan

The IT strategic plan should outline a mission statement that states what it plans to achieve and how the IT strategy relates to the organization's overall business objectives. Often the first step to creating an effective IT strategic plan is to start with reviewing the organization's strategic plan, which helps in identifying the areas where the use of technology can improve operations.

The IT strategic plan should include a SWOT analysis of its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to identify both internal and external factors that can affect its ability to contribute to an organizations success. This process will also help analyze the gap between where the IT department currently is in achieving its goals and what it wants to achieve. The department can then identify the barriers and the resources needed to bridge the gap.

The SWOT analysis also helps to identify any of the companys technological assets that might be an unknown competitive advantage and that the organization should consider investing.

Finally, We at DDIT will create a strategic plan which will be clear about its ultimate goals, including a list of technology investments that the IT department deems a priority to contribute to the organization's success. However, the plan should also include evaluations of the companys current IT budget and allocate project-specific resources and responsibilities within the IT department to meet these objectives.

Outsource your entire IT needs to us and Relax!


We provide training for tools like Microsoft 365, Google G- Suit, Oracle, SQL CRM, ERP and Process Mapping etc, We can help Companies who are planning to implement the ERP/ CRM, DMS or wants to know the real utilization of ERP and RPA in different verticals.We can also help them in mapping their Processes, do AsIs Process Mapping in their organization and then guide them with industry best practice ToBe for the success of the business.

Microsoft 365
O365 evaluation.
Installation of O365.
Implementation of O365 on cloud.
Configuration of emails & Documents in O365.
O365 data risks & Threats.

Google G-Suit
G-Suit evaluation.
Installation of G-Suit
Implementation of G-Suit on cloud.
Configuration of emails & Documents in G-Suit.
G-Suit data risks & Threats.

Oracle Training
Oracle version evaluation.
Resource requirement and analysis.
Oracle Technical training for Oracle 10g, 11g and Oracle forms & reports.

Vast and real life experience in different business processes of our trainers helps you to understand various facts of ERP, Oracle and RPA with the queries in your mind.