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Project Management

Emailing (POP3, Exchange, Google Apps, Office 365)

DD IT has its own emailing Server for POP3/ IMAP clients and supports many indian & overseas companies for thier emailing requirement. we can provide emailing solution on every platform and can provide integration with every email client. DD IT provides support to the following emailing solution :
Microsoft Exchange.
Microsoft Office 365.
Lotus Notes.
Google Apps.
Yahoo, rediffmail etc.

ERP Implementation

It is a common saying that technology should work for human and not the other way round. In similar way a companies Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is like its central nervous system of the body. If it is healthy, it provides the sensory input to management so they can understand what is happening with customers, suppliers, and employees.
There are plenty of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tools available in the market which promises to fulfill all your needs & requirements as per your business requirements. However, evaluating and selecting the right ERP tool for your unique situation is one not so easy, yet is one of the key aspects of successful ERP implementation.
A few important factors to consider while choosing the correct platform are:
Total cost of ownership (TCO).
Impact on ROI.
Agility and scalability.
Speed of implementation.
Robustness and Adaptability.

Process Mapping

Process Mapping is a tool which if deployed achieves growth of the company and builds confidence on process & People. Process Mapping helps the company who are fundamentally looking for a robust, integrated, scalable and user friendly business management system with the primary objective to replace the current legacy systems, innovatively streamline workflow, improve productivity and hence increase the availability of relevant information through better and faster reporting from improved data integrity and reporting mechanisms.

Project Management Software

We have executed and completed many projects for our clients, who have achieved the fullest growth potential in their businesses by;
Staying organized with an advance to-do list and track their Projects        online.
Effectively work together wittin the team to deliver top-notch results.
Tracking every minute of work done by the team members and increase        their efficiency.
Manage the cost of the project due to avaliability of all commercial data        online.
DD IT helps your team stay organized when you outgrow email. But its so much more than that with plenty of neat add-ons, its a one stop solution for all your business needs.

Document Management Solutions.

Now a days smart work means paperless working. Companies still using paper to maintain their documentation wastes quality time and resources in finding the right files at the right time, sharing confidential documents, to storing them safely, and cost of paper and printers to their maintenance.
DD IT Consultants & Solutions provides end to end Document Management Solutions which solves all your documentation & paperwork worries by letting you Digitize, Organize, Store, Access & Share all your Documents & Files in uniquely intelligent digital formats in just a few clicks.